TONZE Household Electric Body Thermometer

TONZE Household Electric Body Thermometer


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TONZE DT-101A Household Body Thermometer 60sec Fast Measure LCD Display Baby Adult Underarm/Oral Thermometer

- Quick Temperature Measurement In 60 Seconds 
Highly sensitive resistance, sensitive probe, faster measurement speed, temperature measurement accuracy reaches ±0.1°C 

- No Mercury, Safe And Environmentally Friendly
The electronic thermometer does not contain mercury, which can effectively avoid the damage caused by glass breakage and mercury, and is very environmentally friendly.

- Antibacterial Probe, Comfortable And Will Not Hurt The Skin 
Using environmentally friendly green materials, which can be directly used for oral measurement, harmless to the human body, and can also be used under the armpit to meet the needs of different people

- End Of Measurement, Automatic Voice Prompt
After the measurement, there will be a voice prompt. It is not necessary to record the length of the measurement. If the temperature exceeds 37.8°C, a quick tone will occur for 10 seconds

- Temperature Memory Function
Humanized memory function for easy comparison of body temperature changes before and after

Specification :
Brand TONZE 
Model DT-101A
Color  White
Size  124 x 18 x 9mm
Measure Temperature 
Measure Time  60 Seconds
Measure Accurate ±0.1°C
Power Supply 
1 x Button Battery (SR41 Or UCC392 Or LR41)
Voltage 1.5V

Package Includes :

1 x BodyThermometer